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About us

Let us introduce to you our magazine "Fermentation- and Fruit- & Vegetable Processing Industry" - the oldest professional monthly of scientific and technical profile on Polish market (founded in 1957) highly targeted for the managers of beverage, alcoholic drinks, processing of fruits and vegetables and food additives sectors.

Target Group (sectors) :

  • brewing, malting, hops production
  • winery
  • distilling, production of biofuels and biogas
  • spirits industry
  • fruit and vegetable processing, cooling industry, frozen fruits and vegetables industry
  • juice and juice concentrates sector
  • soft drinks and bottled waters sector
  • functional beverage and food additives sector

The content of the magazine: topics related to production of the above industrial sectors touching technological innovations, Polish market analysis against the global economy, forecasts, product development and trends, niche commodities, food safety, hygiene of production, economics and optimization, environmental protection , packaging, marketing.

Regular sector reviews:

  • Kaleidoscope of Beverage World
  • Functional Drinks
  • What's New in World of Flavors, Additives and Food Ingredients
  • Innovations in Packaging

"Fermentation- and Fruit- & Vegetable Processing Industry" editorial office issues thematic inserts like "Beer from Small Breweries ", "NFC Juice", "Functional Additives".

Authors of articles: respected scientists from the world of food science, collaborating with industry, specialists and practitioners from companies providing modern technologies, analysts of food and drinks market.

Our Magazine is a press patron of all important industrial and scientific press conferences in Poland.

Magazine circulation: 2500 copies distributing countrywide and promoting during the most important international trade fairs and exhibitions.

English content of individual issue 2014 is available as a bookmark "ARCHIWUM 2014". On request we will send contents of previous editions./

"Fermentation- and Fruit- & Vegetable Processing Industry" Publisher - Publisher SIGMA -NOT Ltd.
Title Owner - Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry – SITSpoż.

The editorial team:
Maria Przegalińska - Editor-in -Chief
Anna Karwowska - Deputy Editor- in-Chief
Katarzyna Oleksy - Executive Editor

Ratuszowa St. 11/215
03-450 Warszawa
tel. 22 818 62 63, 22 818 65 25
fax 22 818 62 63,

For the advertisements, announcements and promotional products please contact directly to Editorial Office:
Contact Person: Katarzyna Oleksy
Tel . +48 22 818 65 25
Tel ./Fax +48 22 818 62 63
E- mail:,

VAT is paid by the purchaser

Sizes of adverts:

1 cover page: 205 x 215 mm (after cut)

1 page A4:
- 205 x 290 mm (after cut)
- 185 x 255 mm

1/2 pageA4:
- 185 x 130mm – horizontal
- 205 x 142 mm – horizontal (after cut) 
- 87 x 255 mm – vertical
- 100 x 290 mm –  vertical (after cut)

1/3 page:

- 56x 255 – vertical

- 180 x 80 – horizontal
1/4 page:

- 90 x 130 mm

- 100 x 142 (after cut)
1/8 page:

- 90 x 60 mm

Material in the form of electronic and digital proof

.pdf – resolution 300 dpi
.TIF – 300 dpi, CMYK(32bit) 


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